Fun Facts About Rugs And Carpet

Rugs are probably in everyone’s house with some used as mats and some as floor covering. Rugs provide with practical benefits like keeping us warm in cold winters. Rugs have enjoyed a long history which, according to experts are spun across countless cultures and due to which they are many crazy weird facts around it, if you are looking for the same we have some rug trivia for you.


The word ‘carpet’

The term carpet came from the Latin word ‘carpere’ which translated means ‘to pluck’. This is because carpets were then made from plucked fabric. Carpet has a Latin root to ‘carpe-diem‘ which literally means to ‘pluck/seize the day’.

Salt used for cleaning carpets?

Earlier, to make your carpets bright salt was sprinkled on the carpet and was let to set for at least an hour before vacuuming. Salt is a very effective agent at removing muddy footprints from the carpet.

The red carpets

The red carpets traditionally were marked by the ceremonial and formal routes of politicians or leaders. The first reference to the ‘red carpet’ was made in Aeschylus’s Agamemnon in 458 BC.

The difference between a rug and a carpet

The floor covering industry stills argues about the difference between a rug and a carpet. It is generally a matter of size where any piece smaller than 40 square feet is a rug while other larger is a carpet.

History of the rug

It is not known when were the first rugs produced, but it is known that it was probably started centuries before Christ by the nomads of Central Asia to insulate their tents. Which was carried across Asia and the Middle East by the armies, traders and nomads.

The highest amount paid for a rug

The highest amount ever paid for a rug was $9.6 million for a rug named ‘Vase carpet’ which was on sale at Sotheby’s during mid-17th-century piece from southeast Persia.

Camel Hair?

In antique handmade rugs, using camel hair was the norm as they were used throughout the weaving process. This changed due to the smell of camel hair produced when it was exposed to warm and moist climate.

Antique Rugs

The largest carpet in the world

In 2007, an Iran based company made an extraordinary feat when they commissioned nine groups of weavers to produce the largest carpet ever recorded. The measurements that included were 60,000 square feet in total, which was larger than a professional football field.

Edgar Allan Poe

In 1840, an American author Edgar Allan Poe said that ‘A carpet is the soul of the apartment’. This was unusual as it came from the writer who wrote works such as ‘The tell-tale heart’ and ‘The Raven’.